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History of Women Draft Submission

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Please Note: We all know women have been largely erased from history. But we’re not here to be a history book. We’re looking for stories. Every woman has one biography, but a thousand stories, you know? Zoom in, not out. Give us a peek into her life, not an overview of it. It’s impossible to do justice to an entire life in a 5-8 minute read. So tell us one of her stories, one aspect of her life, not her biography.

Also? Bring your personality. Tell the story the way you’d tell it around a campfire on a warm summer night. And if you can somehow let a young woman living in the world today understand why this story matters, that’s the cherry on top. Thanks so much for wanting to be part of this publication. 🙂

Before submitting, please double check the following

  1. Is it written in a conversational (storytelling) style?
  2. Is the cover image eye catching and in horizontal format?
  3. Do you have catchy, curiosity inspiring subtitles through the post?

History of Women Submission

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