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For release: Summer 2017. Join the Preview Team!

22 years is a long time to do any one thing…

Longer, still, when it involves watching people struggle. That’s what it’s felt like, too often. I’ve had some great success stories, for sure. Clients featured in Forbes and the New York Times, on Oprah and such.

But, I’ve seen too many people struggling to get web businesses off the ground. Too much bad advice. Too many hopes crashed and trashed. I could work 12 hour days for the rest of my life and not make a dent.

So, I’m writing. But, it takes a village. I need a team. People to proof read and ask questions. Case studies and feedback. If you’re interested in joint effort, please join my book preview team. Thanks!

I believe most business owners have good ideas, but lack the knowledge that
would allow them to propel their ideas skyward. Dreams without wings.