I believe most business owners have great ideas, but lack the knowledge to propel them skyward. Dreams without wings. My goal is to give you the wings with which to fly.
My work & clients have been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, People Magazine, Oprah, Home & Garden Television, Culinary Thymes, ABC News, The Salt Lake Tribune, The Washington Post, The Honolulu Star, The Toronto Star & more.
I believe… you can’t stand head & shoulders above the competition by doing what everyone else does. Leaders lead. Followers follow. Within your industry? You have to pick.
If you long to stand head and shoulders above the competition… To excel and be rewarded for the excellence you bring to the marketplace. To make the world a little different, a little better, even in some small way. To restore some small ounce of already shaken consumer faith in business because of how you operate… Then, perhaps, we should work together?
Interested? Just contact me, and I’ll take it from there.
A Little Slice of History, if You’re Interested…

I’ve worked in marketing, advertising and design since 1979, when copy & paste used real scissors. I started developing websites for small business clients in 1995 because I believed the Internet was the future of marketing. This site didn’t go up until 1999.

In the early 2000′s, my “before and after” work was featured in The New York Times. Then Oprah featured a book about women pioneers of the Internet, and I was one of the women in the book. I started doing seo before Google existed because of a Yahoo rejection letter sent to a little old lady.

I’ve worked with small businesses, solo entrepreneurs, International companies and the Hollywood crowd. This website is how I raised my daughter as a single Mom. I’ve met some amazing people and done work I’ll always be proud of. 17 years after I first logged onto the Internet, I’m still here!