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Hi, I’m Linda…

I’m a growth consultant, writer, creative, philanthropist & an eternal optimist dedicated to helping businesses and entrepreneurs grow.

I’ve been in marketing pretty much forever, webdev and design since 1995 and SEO since 1998. When I built my first commercial website, there were less than 10,000 websites on the whole Internet. When I started doing SEO, Yahoo was manually reviewing sites and Google was a college project called BackRub. It’s been a while!

My clients and my work have been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, People magazine, The Toronto Star, Home & Garden Television, The Oprah Show, ABC News, The Salt Lake Tribune, The Washington Post, The Honolulu Star, and more.

I’ve had the good fortune to work on some fun projects over the years. The stories I could tell!

My work isn’t about me…

It’s not about you, either. It’s not even for you, really. It’s for them. Your customers and visitors. Because if they don’t like your website, or your marketing, you won’t, either. With all the website builders out there today, anyone can build a website. Building one that works is another story.

Can we talk?

The #1 reason websites struggle is fragmentation. There’s so many interlocking pieces. Design, copywriting, seo, conversion, analytics, traffic generation. And you either learn them all, or you hire people to help.

If you’re hiring people, they’ll all have opinions… which are like backsides. We all have one, and no two are the same. Problem is, most of those people are basing their opinions on theory, opinion or convention instead of what they should be — which is your data, and your audience.

Which means even if you have the budget to outsource the bits and bobbles, you still need to know enough to know if you’re hiring someone who will push the sales curve up, or someone who’ll prolong the agony.

I believe most business owners have good ideas, but lack the knowledge that would allow them to propel their ideas skyward. Dreams without wings.

Know what you need?

What the internet marketing industry needs most are rainmakers, a BS Meter, and people who ask the hard questions. Also, fewer people who use lingo to talk above your head and think their way is “the” way. The only “one” way is asking the hard questions. That’s what I strive to do. So far, my results have been pretty good.

If you’ve reached this point, why not check out my blog and my books? Thanks!

Hi, I'm Linda. I help businesses & entrepreneurs grow. Read more


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