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Are you frustrated with poor results?

Statistics tell the tale. Websites converting at under 2%. Ads converting under 1%. 80% of subscribers don’t open your email. When they do, they don’t click. Social media posts no one clicks or shares.

More isn’t the solution.

Yelling above the crowd doesn’t work. Every minute, 1,440 blog posts, 3.3 million FB posts, and 66,000 Instagram photos are posted on the internet. 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube, and 150,000 emails are sent. Multiply by 60 for an hour. All day, every day. You can’t yell louder. More isn’t the solution.

You know how we get averages, right?

For every website converting at 25% or 40%, there’s a thousand or more converting at half a percent. It’s not that better isn’t possible. It’s that most website owners haven’t spent 22 years in website marketing and, frankly, they have no idea what works. So they do what everyone else is doing. Except, when you do what everyone else is doing, you get what everyone else is getting. Hence, the averages.

“On the Internet, you seldom get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

excerpt; Mompreneurs,
featured on Oprah

My clients and my work have been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, People magazine, The Toronto Star, HGTV, ABC News, The Salt Lake Tribune, The Washington Post, The Honolulu Star, The Washington Post & more.

… a contracting company in Highland Park, Ill.,
contacted Ms. Caroll; “business has doubled”

New York Times

I believe most business owners have great ideas, but lack the knowledge to propel them skyward. Dreams without wings