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Oh, hello... nice to see you!

I’ve been helping people grow their businesses since 1995.

My work & my clients have been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, People Magazine, Oprah, Home & Garden Television, ABC News, The Salt Lake Tribune, The Washington Post, The Honolulu Star, The Toronto Star & more.

Couple of things…

I believe...

Most business owners
have great ideas

but often lack
the technical knowledge

to propel them skyward.

Dreams without wings.

I also believe...

You can’t stand head and shoulders
above the competition while doing
exactly what everyone else does.

You either lead
or you follow

Success is not a secret
It’s a gift people give you
in return for what you give them

Technology isn’t the hard part.
Responsibility is.

Biggest Problem? Shiny Things!

You need to be on Facebook. You need content marketing.
And email marketing and social media marketing.
And backlinks. And S.E.O., don’t you know?

There’s no shortage of people hawking secrets or services
They’ll manage your ads or clicks or analytics or links.
Nevermind that conversion is 1%.

Tactics, every one, and
not a strategy to be seen

I won’t even get into the issues with design
Suffice to say a lot of websites sit there like a lox

It’s almost enough to make a body fly, fly away

What else could I do?

So I sit. Evenings, weekends. Pen in hand.
Writing how-to books.
Tales from the trenches, really

20 years worth

Who succeeded and how
Who failed and why

Soon, I’ll want (need!) proofreaders
Reviewers. Feet in the street.
(do read that as “yay, free help!”)

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